Flatware FAQs

When I'm setting the table, which utensils go where?

A five-piece place setting of flatware includes a dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, teaspoon and dinner/soup spoon.

Working outward from the dinner plate, on the left, place the dinner fork and then the salad fork. On the right, place the dinner knife, with the blade toward the plate, and then the teaspoon. If soup is being served, the dinner/soup spoon can be placed to the right of the teaspoon, or served with the soup.

I'm looking for flatware to go with my Pfaltzgraff pattern. Any recommendations?

Pfaltzgraff offers a line of beautiful flatware patterns, designed to complement a variety of dinnerware selections. Go to our Flatware category to see the complete selection.

Is Pfaltzgraff flatware dishwasher safe?

Pfaltzgraff flatware is safe to use in the dishwasher. Please read the use and care instructions carefully.

What do 18/10 and 18/0 mean?

The "18" refers to 18% chromium content in the metal alloy, which is the standard. Chromium gives the metal its "stainless" quality because it prevents corrosion. The second number refers to the nickel content. The higher the nickel content, the brighter the polish. 18/10 will give you a more mirror-like finish. For a more country-like, casual look, 18/0 is perfect.

What is "forged" stainless?

Forging is the more traditional method of crafting flatware, based on centuries-old techniques and resulting in well-formed pattern definition on both the front and back of the handle. Your personal taste will determine if you prefer forged or an alternate manufacturing process.