General FAQs

Received your order with a broken item?

If an item(s) is received damaged or defective, please visit the following link to submit your request for replacements:

Or you can follow the steps below:

  1. Send us an email at this address:
  2. Copy the following as the Subject Line: “Damaged in Shipping: Order# PFZ123456”. Please use the Order # located on your packing slip.
  3. Determine the number of items that are damaged and follow the appropriate steps outlined here:
    • 1 or 2 damaged items - Include the item number, item description and damaged quantity in the body of the email. If we need any additional information we will reach out to you directly via email.
    • 3 or more damaged items - Include the item number, item description and damaged quantity in the body of the email. Additionally we will require that you attach a group photo that shows all of the damaged items together. Only upon receipt of the photo will we review the information and contact you via email with any further actions or the proposed solution.
Where can I purchase a Pfaltzgraff?

You may purchase Pfaltzgraff products online from this website or by calling our Consumer Helpline at 1-800-999-2811. Pfaltzgraff products are also offered in many fine stores across the United States.

How can I purchase a Pfaltzgraff E-Gift Card?

To purchase a Pfaltzgraff E-Gift card, visit: There you can make all your selections and proceed to Checkout as usual.

Are there any fees associated with the E-Gift Card?

No. You will only be charged the face value of the E-Gift Card, and we will not impose shipping or any additional fees.

Where can I use my Pfaltzgraff E-Gift Cards?

Pfaltzgraff E-Gift Cards can be used on our website.

How can I redeem an E-Gift Card?

When shopping at, make your selections and proceed to Checkout as usual. Enter the E-Gift Card number during checkout, then click APPLY to redeem.

How can I check the balance of my E-Gift Card?

You can enter your gift card code and see your remaining balance on our Gift Card Check Balance page.

Where will my E-Gift Card be sent?

The E-Gift Cards are delivered by email and contain redemption instructions. They can be sent immediately or on a scheduled day.

Does the E-Gift Card expire?

Pfaltzgraff E-Gift Cards never expire.

Can I use the E-Gift Card myself?

Yes. To do so, enter your name in the "Recipient Name" field and your email address in the "Recipient Email" field. Complete the transaction normally. When you receive your E-Gift Card email, follow the instructions in the email and retrieve and redeem you E-Gift Card.

What is the Pfaltzgraff Rewards Program?

The Pfaltzgraff Rewards Program is a points-based program with different membership tiers and redemption levels.

If you have any questions about the Pfaltzgraff Rewards program, please contact us at We love talking to you!

Why should I join the Pfaltzgraff Rewards Program?

When you create an account and become a member of the Pfaltzgraff Rewards program, you’ll immediately receive access to exclusive benefits. As you continue to spend and engage with Pfaltzgraff, you’ll unlock more and more Rewards.

Why aren't I getting emails?

If you're not getting emails it could mean you've previously unsubscribed from Pfaltzgraff emails. This would also opt you out of Loyalty emails. If you would like to receive Loyalty emails, you must sign up for our emails again. Just go to the "Stay Connected" section below, enter your email, and hit Submit. Then enjoy all the benefits of the Pfaltzgraff Loyalty Program!

If you already receive promotional emails from us but aren't receiving any Loyalty emails, please contact us at and we'll look into it.

How long will my benefits last?

The Pfaltzgraff Rewards program is a lifetime program. Once you reach a tier you will keep those benefits forever* no matter what your points balance is. However, points do expire after 12 months of inactivity, so we hope you'll continue to shop with us!

*If a product was returned that added to a tier increase, a customer may drop a tier.

Am I eligible to join the Pfaltzgraff Rewards Program and receive member benefits?

Everyone except unauthorized resellers and employees is welcome to become a member of the Pfaltzgraff Rewards program and receive benefits. You do not need to make a purchase to create an account.

How do I earn Rewards Points? Do they expire?

There are several ways to earn Rewards points! Check out the list below to learn more.

Sign Up Bonus - Create an account and earn points.
Write a Review - Earn points by writing reviews for the products you purchased through, or for the website itself. (Only Verified Buyers, customers who receive review emails after purchasing, will receive points.)
Follow on Social - Follow our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages and earn more points!
Make a Purchase - Earn points for every dollar spent on an order.
Refer a Friend - Refer your friends and earn points when they make a purchase through your link. And they'll get something, too!
Birthday Bonus - Add your birthday to your account and you'll receive a Birthday Gift for your special day.
Your Rewards points will expire after 12 months of inactivity, but you'll keep your tier status.

How do I redeem my Pfaltzgraff Rewards Program Points?

First, make sure you're logged in to your account. Then go shopping!

Once you're done, go to checkout as usual. Your Rewards will be available via a dropdown list. You can select the number of points you'd like to redeem, then click the "Apply" button and you're done! Please note, Rewards cannot be combined with coupon codes.

How do I check my point balance?

As long as you're logged in to your account, your points will display at the top right of every page. You can also check your balance and tier status on your Account page. Just go to the account page and click My Rewards in the menu on the left.

Can I redeem Rewards without purchasing anything?

Our system will not allow $0 orders to process, so you must have at least 1 product in your cart to redeem any Rewards.

Can I stack my Rewards with another promotion?

At this time, our system can only accept one discount per order, so you cannot stack Rewards with any other promotion.

How do I know what tier I'm in?

Go to the Account page and log in, then check your tier by clicking on the My Rewards tab in the navigation bar on the left.

Will past purchases count towards my status?

Purchases made prior to the Program launch, or those where you weren't logged into your account, will not be eligible for points. As long as you're logged into your account, you will earn points for every purchase.

What if I already follow Pfaltzgraff on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest?

You must click the ‘Follow us' boxes in the Points section on the Loyalty page. This will allow us to see that you already follow and like us on these channels, and the points will then be added to your account.

How do I Refer a Friend?

To refer a friend who has never purchased from, go to the Refer A Friend page and follow the directions. Once you enter their email address we'll send them an email with your unique referral link to use.

Once your friend places their order through your referral link, you will earn your points! These credits will be posted to your Rewards Program account within 24 hours of when your friend's order is fulfilled and shipped.

If your friend has placed their order but you're still not seeing your referral points, please email us at and include your friend's name and email address. We'll check on their order and make sure you get your points.

What happens to my new points if I return a product? What if I used points to purchase?

When a product is returned, the points you earned from the purchase will be subtracted from your Rewards balance.

If the product was purchased with points, those points will be added back into your account once the return is complete.

Where are my points for leaving a review?

If you left a review through a review email, your points should be posted to your account within 24 hours.

Please Note: Only Verified Buyers, customers who receive an email requesting a review after purchasing, will receive points for reviews. You must write the review through the link in the review email. It may take up to 24 hours for the points to post to your account.

If it has been over 24 hours and your points are still not reflected in your account, please email us at and we'll make sure everything gets straightened out.

How many times can I write a review for points?

You can write as many reviews as you like, but only one review per product purchased.

Please Note: points will only be given to Verified Buyers of purchased products, for reviews written through review emails.

Do I earn Rewards Program points on orders thru third-party partner sites?

Rewards can only be earned through purchases made directly through Orders placed on or any other partner site will not earn you Rewards Program points.

Do I qualify for free shipping?

All our customers qualify for free standard shipping on orders of $99 or more. Honorary Tier members qualify for free standard shipping on orders of $30 or more.

How do I redeem my free shipping benefit as an Honorary Tier member?

As long as you are logged into your account and have reached Honorary Tier your shipping benefit on orders of $30 or more will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout.

Why did I drop a membership tier?

If you reached a new membership tier then made a return shortly after, the points you received for that purchase were subtracted from your total points and your membership status was lowered.

What is the Free Birthday Gift and how do I get it?

To receive your free birthday gift, go to the Happy Birthday icon under Ways to Earn Points above, and enter your birthday. Then, at the beginning of your birthday month you'll receive an email with a special birthday link. Just click this link and you'll see your birthday points!


Yes, we are proud to extend an exclusive 20% discount to Teachers, First Responders, and Military personnel through our partnership with GovX. Military personnel encompass Active duty service members, Veterans & Retired, Reservists, and Military academies. Select items are not eligible for discount. Offer excludes Deals, Gift Cards, and select Sale and Clearance items. Discount cannot be applied to past purchases.


To access the discount code, government employees need to create a GovX account. If you already have an account, simply login with your existing credentials. Once logged in, quickly and safely verify your status.


GovX offers various methods to confirm your eligibility for approval. The verification process is tailored to your group affiliation and may involve checking DoD databases, verifying email addresses, and uploading documents. Regardless of the chosen method, the registration is a quick process, and most verifications occur in real-time.

For more detailed information or assistance with the verification process or eligibility, please visit GovXID. Thank you for your service!


Once you’re verified, you’ll receive a discount code that will need to be used within 24 hours.