A Pocket
Full of Posies

Fill the room with love, beautiful florals, and polka dots.

Gather up your family at a table filled with love and tasty treats. Adorned by beautiful flowers and polka dots , Scarlet Posey is perfect for sharing a meal with those you love. This dinnerware is sure to brighten up any room whether it’s a dinner for two or a large gathering.

Scarlet Posey is perfect for sharing a meal with those you love

A Pocket Full of Posies Step by StepHow to

  1. A Table Set With Love

    Create the perfect place setting that gives a vintage or modern feel with Scarlet Posey dinnerware. The floral and polka dot designs can be passed down for generations as a beautiful heirloom that suits all ages. These pieces are sure to be the talk of the table.

  2. Vibrant Mugs

    Who needs a bouquet when you have these beautiful mugs! Scarlet Posey mugs are a great addition to any table setting. The floral pattern will have you thinking of Spring and warmer weather.

  3. Festive Floral

    Serve up breakfast, delicious desserts, and more on colorful Scarlet Posey serveware. You can easily use these all year round for small dinner parties or buffets!