White Dinnerware
Image 1 Basketweave
Image 2 Delaney
White Dinnerware
White dinnerware will always give your table a fresh, timeless feel.

White Dinnerware

White dinnerware is a great option for versatile dining – it transitions easily from casual to formal dining! Choosing white dinnerware doesn’t mean you’ll give up your sense of style though. We offer many variations on the simple theme of “white”, find your perfect fit below!


A classic white dinnerware pattern will match any décor. You can accent these simply elegant patterns with your favorite colors, or follow seasonal trends all year round. Pfaltzgraff’s classic white dinnerware pattern favorites include: Filigree, Heritage, Delaney, and Basketweave.

Rustic Chic

Bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your table with a rustic chic white dinnerware pattern. These patterns inspire comfort food and enjoyable family get-togethers. Find your favorite Pfaltzgraff rustic chic white dinnerware pattern with Country Cupboard, Antiqued Hen, or Antique Tea Rose.


Show off your modern sense of style with a striking white, artisan dinnerware set. These patterns bring a sense of haute couture to your table. Check out Sierra and Ridgewood White to choose your favorite modern white dinnerware set!


You don’t need to add any color to create a whimsical atmosphere. The geometric, patterned textures on these dinnerware sets add a fun variation on a simple white dinnerware set. Enjoy the character of the Alexandra, or Imperial dinnerware sets!

Whichever style you choose to go with, white dinnerware will always give your table a fresh, timeless feel!