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An early Pfaltzgraff Outlet

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In 2008, we decided to focus our efforts on our web site and to close the Pfaltzgraff Outlet Stores. This does not diminish our commitment to you, our valued customers, and as a matter of fact, actually reinforces it by giving you more information, buying options and special offers than ever before. You can still purchase the dinnerware sets and patterns that have made the Pfaltzgraff brand successful for almost 200 years.

Even though the Pfaltzgraff Outlets closed down in 2008, you can still get all of the dinnerware sets and patterns you loved in the stores. The Pfaltzgraff Outlets originally started back in 1960, when Pfaltzgraff opened its first retail store at Pottery Hill, in West York, Pennsylvania.

A second retail outlet opened in York County in 1977, and the first outlet outside of Pennsylvania opened in 1978, in Trenton, New Jersey.

By the early 2000's, Pfaltzgraff was operating more than 70 Pfaltzgraff Factory Stores through-out the United States. One was probably within driving distance of you!

As the company and the world has evolved, the decision was made to move the Pfaltzgraff Outlets to the internet, where you found us today. And, as always, our Consumer Services division is available to take your orders by phone at 1-800-999-2811. Just click here for ordering information and Call Center operating hours. Our Call Center representatives can't wait to hear from you!