mediterranean mezze

Mediterranean Mezze

You’ll love our top tips for hosting this Mediterranean inspired party!

Mediterranean mezzes make for the perfect late summer celebration with family and friends. The combination of small plates and dips lends itself to a relaxed, friendly environment for your event. Find all the tips you need to throw this unique cocktail party including recipes, special ways to show off the beautiful Villa Della Luna 10th Anniversary pieces, and much more!

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Find all the tips you need to throw this beautiful cocktail party...

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  1. mediterranean mezze

    Sunflower Centerpiece

    Bring the brightness of the Mediterranean sun to your table by choosing cheerful sunflowers for your centerpiece. Use the Villa Della Luna pitcher instead of a typical vase to create your charming centerpiece. This combination helps set the warm casual tone for your event.

  2. mediterranean mezze

    Pita Triangles & Yogurt Dip

    A classic Mediterranean treat is this creamy yogurt dip recipe served with toasted pita triangles. Use the Villa Della Luna biscotti jar as a festive way to serve your pita triangles, and garnish the tasty dip with your favorite fresh herbs!

  3. mediterranean mezze

    Chilled Wine

    Skip the ice bucket and keep your wine chilled in the Villa Della Luna Great Bowl! This bowl is big enough to comfortably chill two bottles of your favorite Mediterranean wine.

  4. mediterranean mezze

    Mug Flatware Caddies

    Your guests will be excited to try all of the delectable treats, so you will want to make sure everything they need is easily accessible on your table. Stack your dinnerware and keep your flatware presentation organized by displaying it in a set of Villa Della Luna mugs!

  5. mediterranean mezze

    Greek Salad Bites

    These Greek Salad Bites make for the perfect salad-inspired morsel! Simply combine a slice of cucumber and a quarter of a cherry tomato on a tooth pick or mini skewer. Your guests will appreciate the delicious simplicity of these fresh vegetables.

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    Olives are the quintessential Mediterranean food. Find a new use for the Villa Della Luna Parmesan Bowl by using them to serve olives. Choose a variety of olives to give your guests the option to enjoy their favorite or try them all!