memorial day barbecue

Backyard Barbecue

Enjoy great times and good food at your backyard BBQ!

When it comes to summer entertaining, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a festive backyard barbecue. Whether you are casually getting together with friends and family or throwing a smashing holiday bash for the entire neighborhood – here’s all the Pfaltzgraff dinnerware, unique flatware, Farberware tools, and décor inspiration you need!

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Our top tips for the perfect backyard BBQ!

Step by StepHow to

  1. memorial day barbecue

    DIY Centerpiece

    This charming peanut pinwheel centerpiece will remind you and your guests about baseball games, walks on the boardwalk, and childhood memories! Simply fill a clear vase with roasted in-shell peanuts, and arrange 4-6 pinwheels throughout!

  2. memorial day barbecue

    Create a Colorful Space

    Enhance a traditional red, white, and blue color palette by using familiar pieces in unexpected ways. Your first instinct may be to hang a festive bunting, but for a unique and charming touch, use it to line the edge of your table!

  3. memorial day barbecue

    Melon Balls

    Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit – perfectly sweet and refreshing on a hot day! Add some intrigue to this treat by creating a salad with watermelon balls, feta, and fresh mint leaves. Your guests will love the interesting spin on this classic melon.

  4. memorial day barbecue

    Perfect Barbecue Tools

    Make sure you stock the right tools to create your delectable BBQ menu. This set of Farberware tools includes everything you’ll need to show off your grill-master skills!

  5. memorial day barbecue

    Flatware Tip

    This flower pot flatware caddy with plastic-handled flatware is a charming addition to your table. Best of all, it will provide easy transportation of flatware to your backyard!

  6. memorial day barbecue

    Classic Apple Pie

    No dessert says summer, barbecue, and YUM like a delicious apple pie. This tried and true classic will cap off your delightful event and bring smiles to your guests’ faces!