Pistoulet Dinnerware

Spring In Bloom

Bring the sunshine right to your table setting

What better way to welcome the warm weather than with a pattern filled with color and charm. Just add some fresh flowers and fruit to complete your table setting. From small dinners to big events, mix and match place settings to fit any occasion!

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Mix and match place settings to fit any occasion!

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  1. Pistoulet Dinnerware

    Secrets of Pistoulet

    Pistoulet dinnerware brings a bright and colorful array of florals, vines and prints into your home. A pattern to celebrate color and florals makes the perfect table setting to welcome spring.

  2. Pistoulet Dinnerware

    Playful Patterns

    Serve up soups, salads and more with a wide variety of Pistoulet bowls. The smaller bowls are great for all kinds of dips. Adorned with fruits and veggies, these bowls are perfect for mixing and matching.

  3. Pistoulet Dinnerware

    Blooming Breakfast

    Decorated with yellow flowers and green accents, the Pistoulet Sunflower Canister sits perfectly on any counter top. Fill with your favorite treats, teas, and more! This is a sure way to keep spring in your home all year round.